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To be an online of repute catering goal based cracking of Medical / Engineering by the scoring subject chemistry in entrance exams for all strata of the society. We are simplifying the chemistry by tricks for Physical Organic and Inorganic for students.
We fulfill your dream with our experience and knowledge...
“CHEMISTRY” Play a vital role in various competitive exam like as JOINT ENTRANCE EXAM (JEE) and NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (NEET)
Chemistry is a scoring subject in JEE / NEET examination. Chemistry heaving four parts in it which are Organic, Physical, Inorganic and practical chemistry
CHEMGURU helps those students who are preparing for JEE / NEET and pursuing XI & XII .
CHEMGURU gives a better platform for study of chemistry in short time with video lectures for various important topics & also have study material for enhancing knowledge with covering all the topics for competition to provide best rank in JEE & NEET with a Board Examination.
With our best study materials we believe that we will clear all your doubts and concepts.

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In class X, students can appear for NTSE, National Olympiads in Science, Mathematics and Astronomy conducted by HBCSE as well as other popular Olympiads/ Scholarships Examinations.These examinations are critical in developing fundamentals of students which are sometimes overlooked in school examination testing..
Thus for appearing in such exams, proper coaching is necessary as excelling in NTSE and Olympiads can be a notable achievement to put in one’s resume
Class IX & X concepts are just an introduction to the daunting world of competitive exam drudgery.
These are just a prelude to the concepts that will be dealt with in depth in classes XI and XII.
Thus, a thorough understanding of these fundamentals goes a long way in securing that extra edge in competitive exam preparation.
The competition for JEE/ NEET is getting tougher with every passing year.